Giannis Valyrakis

The “Lights Off” project is John Valyrakis’s attempt to look, from another perspective, through and beyond the cinematic lens, at man and this society of production and consumption and to study the world of cinema industry.

Adopting the sizes of vintage cinema billboards and opposing the era of digital reproduction and multiplex cinemas, the young artist gives a humane tone to the modern show industry choosing to paint movie characters by hand, as it was being done in cinemas before the 1970’s.

Light, colors and the “aromas” of characters from the cinema screen, that the artist chose to illustrate on large canvases using tecniques, obviously inspired from movements such as PopArt: unbroken forms, unconventional color matches and firm outlines gain symbolic value behind which hide the artist’s stories, fictions, suspicions, thoughts and emotions for the characters he chose. The artist does not renounce reality; he approaches it, examines and captures it in his paintings through his perception of the film industry.

Giannis Valyrakis

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