The Greek artist Angelos avoids novel ideas of contemporary art and continues essentially into the anthropocentric and visionary depiction of the Great Past. This reflects his faith in values which remain for him beyond time and alteration, and which are valid in all eras. His idealistic tendencies drive him to a highly selective subject matter which filters and elevates realism, lending gentleness and spirituality. His stylistic correspondence

to the chiaroscuro contributes in rendering the essential, while light is elevated to its supreme merit.

Within the frame-work of his eclectic idealism, the artist also embraces a rich spectrum of thematic entities which are also timeless and immortal: the human form, the object like physical reality and the doves like symbols of pure tenderness. In addition his reference to a universal space with its idefinite dimensions and its revealing astral appearance, relates to his perception of the cosmo-theory which he understands to be a single unity of the highest viable spirituality.


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